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2011 Patrons' Retreat I (MP3)B.G 2.70+ Kanakadhara Stotram


Title: 2011 Patrons’ Retreat I (MP3)B.G 2.70+ Kanakadhara Stotram

Author: SwDayananda+ SwTattvavidananda

Description: 8 talks+3 SatsangsPujya Swami DayanandajiBhagavadgita 2.70 Apuryamanam acalapratistaham: The one who knows the reality of oneself and the world moves about in that world doing what is to be done, exposed to pleasant and unpleasant circumstances, just like the one who does not know. What is the difference? In the verse, Lord Krishna gives an example to illustrate how things are for the one who knows – these pleasant and unpleasant experiences impact his fullness as much as water entering in a brimful, still ocean. Pujya Swamiji will unfold that reality, knowing which one would find oneself in such a situation.Kanakadhara Stotram – Swami TV:Relates to the story when Sanakara went for Bhiksha to a poor brahmin home. Lady of the house was ashamed and had to offer him only one ,last, shrunken goosberry. Touched by this act , Sankara prayed Goddess of Wealth – Mahalakshmi -composed instantly. Godess respondeed to the prayer by showering the house with gold lumps in the form of shrunken gooseberry! This ‘Kanakadha

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