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2011 Patrons' Retreat II (MP3)B.G 4:18+ Sradha Suktam


Title: 2011 Patrons’ Retreat II (MP3)B.G 4:18+ Sradha Suktam

Author: SwDayananda+ SwTattvavidananda

Description: 9 talks+2 satsangsIn this retreat Pujya Swamiji will show how the central issue in the problem of samsara, a life of becoming, is the notion of agency, kartrva. Addressing this problem, Pujya Swamiji will reveal the truth about agency. Kowing that truth, ‘one sees actionlessness in ain action and action is actionlessness.’For the one who sees it , this is not a paradox, but a vision in which one is fullfilled:he has done everything that is to be done , krtsnakarmakrit.Sraddha Suktam (Swmi TV)Sraddha is a key component i;n determ;ing the quality of one’s life. Proerly placed and understood, it blessess; misplaced and misunderstood, it does not. So it is important to know in what one should have sraddha and what is sraddha. Though it can be approximated as a composit of trust , reverence, intimasy, unerdstanding shraddha really defies translation. In unfolding this sukta,Swami TV will show nature of, and appropriate places, shraddha.

Publisher: AVG, Saylorsburg


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