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ABCs of Stress Management (A program of wellness)


Title: ABCs of Stress Management (A program of wellness)

Author: Luckenbach, Sally L.

Description: Everyone has stress. How to manage it is the question. This book is filled with useful insights and exercises for those who want to reduce stress. The key to effective living is to recognize and manage the damaging effects of stress by keeping a keen eye on wellness. The ABCs of Stress Management offers a multidimensional apoproach to leading a composed and relaxed life, using keywords as powerful tools to manage stress. You can gain fresh ideas by linking letters of the alphabet to specific words, such as A for Acceptance, B for Breathing, C for centering, etc. Using the alphabet, the book gives you an opportunity to see stressing situations in a new light, while challenging some conventional assumptions that create unhealthy responses. The stress reduction techniques and exercises are easy to learn and use, and with practice, you can diffuse stress early on and enhance your wellness, stress management and personal growth at home and in the workplace.The author, Sally L. Luckenbach, is a consultant sp

Publisher: Sally L. Luckenbach

Edition: 1st ed., Date: 2009, 239 pp., PB

Item Code: 9.78062E+12