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Abhaya Pratistha-'08-(2 DVDs)Labor Day - 2008 (5 Talks)


Title: Abhaya Pratistha-’08-(2 DVDs)Labor Day – 2008 (5 Talks)

Author: Swami Dayananda

Description: (Verses from Taittriya Upanishad; Brahmananda Valli) – What is liberation or moksha? Seeking freedom necessarily means seeking freedom from something. Seeking total freedom, moksha, Sankara characterizes as seeking freedom from all that is undesirable. In deciphering the one thing that epitomizes that, the Taittiriya Upanishad identifies fear. And fear of any kind has only one cause – a second thing. Thus in these five talks, Swamiji will unfold the non-dual vision in which one discovers that, in reality, there is no fear, therefore nothing to be fearful of.

Publisher: AVG, Saylorsburg


Item Code: AVG5107