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Action and Reaction'07 (2 DVD)Complete 21st Anniversary-5hr


Title: Action and Reaction’07 (2 DVD)Complete 21st Anniversary-5hr

Author: Swami Dayananda

Description: We are endowed with a three-fold power: to know, to will, and to act. But we can fully utilize this three-fold power only when we distinguish the ‘I’ from the roles we play. When the ‘I’ and the ‘role’ are confused, we feel frustrated or depressed, reacting rather than acting. In this talk (AVG 21st Anniversary, September 2007), Swamiji helps us distinguish action from reaction. DVD contains complete Concert by Ramachandran, talk by Swamiji and presentation functions; approx. 5 hrs.

Publisher: Arsha Vidya Gurukulam


Item Code: AVG1023