Arsha Vidya Pitham, Saylorsburg, PA

Archaeology and Tradition


Title: Archaeology and Tradition

Author: Tripathi, D.N.

Description: Dr. Tripathi seeks the correlation of archaeology and tradition in regard to metals. The first article relates to the problem of the weapons used by the Aryans, mostly made of copper and bronze. The next three articles deal with the antiquity of these metals in ancient world. The fifth article is devoted to the study of a particular type of settlement pattern of pit-dwelling as known to us through the literary sources and archaeological remains. The sixth article is a theoretical discussion on the role of copper in the emergence of civilization in general and Aegean in particular. The seventh article is a study of the cultural interaction between India and Greece, primarily in pre and post historic periods. The eighth one is a study of some Indo-Aryan personal names of Ancient Western Asia.Two appendices of original Indo-Aryan sources, one on ‘Ayas’ and another on ‘Vajra’ are given in the end of the book.

Publisher: Ramanand Vidya Bhavan

Edition: 1st ed., Date: 1988, 110 pp., HB

Item Code: BK00389