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Arunachala Siva


Title: Arunachala Siva

Author: Dr T.M.P. Mahadevan

Description: Most of Bhagavan Sri Ramana’s works were composed in response to requests of devotees. While at the virupaksha cave on Arunachala, devotees like Palaniswami and Ayyaswami requested Sri Bhagavan to compose a song for them to sing whilst begging for alms in town. This they felt would help the townfolk identify them as his devotees. But there was no response from Sri Bhagavan. Subsequently, however, when he was walking round the hill one day, with devotees following him, the litany, Sri Arunachala Aksharamanamalai, being divinely inspired, welled forth from him spontaneously.

Publisher: Sri Ramanasramam,Tiruvannamala

Edition: 6 th ed., Date: 2014, 125 pp., PB

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