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Ayurveda Vistas


Title: Ayurveda Vistas

Author: Kulkarni, Prof. Dr. P.H.

Description: Articles from several doctors.The antiviral effect of the Ayurvedic preparation Sookshma Triphala on different Coxsackie viruses and rotavirus SA11 and the influence of this preparation on GMK and MA-104 cell lines/S. Bopegamage and A. Petrovicova. Samskaras as potentiating procedures in medicinal preparations/M. Junius Gold compound (Suvarna Kalpa) ? a valuable drug in Ayurveda ? case histories/Horst Poeblmann Eating habits of Australians/Joanne Keith Clinical assessment of efficacy of ‘Madhavi Tail’ for nourishment, healthy growth and lustrous hair/Pratibha Shah and N.C. Shah Myocardial anoxia from a different management perspective/Michael E. Godfrey Hypolipidemic herbal drugs ? pharmacological and ? toxicological screening/Sree Rama Murthy, M. Srinivasan and T.S. Selvakumar Tapyo (an Ayurvedic medicine of Ziro valley in Arunachal Pradesh)/Y.P. Kohli Deerghayu : in the view of Ayurveda/Shrikar (Tatya) Jalukar A study of Vatrakta/V.V. Bhagwat A clinical study of Gokshur, Punarnava Varun Kwath in Prameha/B.M

Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications

Edition: 2nd ed., Date: 2001, 280 pp., PB

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