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Ayurvedic Beauty Care (AgelessTechniques to Invoke Natural Beauty)


Title: Ayurvedic Beauty Care (AgelessTechniques to Invoke Natural Beauty)

Author: Sachs, Melanie

Description: This is not the conventional beauty book; it offers no quick fixes, but gives us a sourcebook on Ayurveda as it pertains to self care. It is particularly applicable to women. First we use the tables of attributes to identify our ‘prakruti,’ the ‘blend of qualities that makes each of us unique.’ The author then explains the doshas and dhatur. In order to use the diets and treatments contained in the rest of the book, you must understand where you fit into this framework. From daily routines to lifestyles, massage techniques to diet, this book is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the Ayurvedic approach to beauty and balance, inward and outward.

Publisher: Lotus Light, WI

Edition: 3rd ed., Date: 2009, 285 pp., PB

Item Code: 9.78091E+12

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