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Bala Veda (Pediatrics & Ayurveda)


Title: Bala Veda (Pediatrics & Ayurveda)

Author: Athavale, Dr. V.B.

Description: This book gives the basic principles of Ayurveda in short. Bala-veda mentions how the couple should plan for better progeny. The planning starts before the marriage by selection of appropriate life partner. It gives guidelines for the regimen to be followed by the couple and particularly the wife during menstrual period of life, intercourse, pregnancy and delivery. It gives conditions of foetal malnutrition and how to correct them. Balaveda gives guidelines for care of the newborn and mother after delivery. It explains as to how the various factors like diet, activity and psychological conditions of mother affect and vitiate her breast milk which in turn gives rise to various ailments in breast fed babies. It also tells that in these conditions one should give the medicines to mother and advise her appropriate diet so that her milk becomes normal and the baby’s symptoms disappear. Balaveda gives the qualities of milk of cow, buffalo, goat etc. which can be used as alternative to breast milk. Balaveda describe

Publisher: Chaukhamba Sa.Pratishtan,Delhi

Edition: 2nd ed., Date: 2000, 298 pp., HB

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