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Deva Keralam 1 (Chandra KalaNadi), Book 1 (of 3)


Title: Deva Keralam 1 (Chandra KalaNadi), Book 1 (of 3)

Author: Santhanam, R. (Translator)

Description: This ancient text was written by Achyuta who left no clues about his lineage, place of origin, time period etc. The name suggests that the work hails from Kerala. Achyuta was a man of letters in astrology and had mastered various Nadi Granthas (works on Nadi, a system that links every possible event to an astrological significance). He also employed Parasarian principles.

Publisher: Sagar Publications, New Delhi

Edition: 1st ed., Date: 1995, 243 pp., HB

Item Code: BK00569

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