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Gochara Phala or FortuneThrough Planetary Transits


Title: Gochara Phala or FortuneThrough Planetary Transits

Author: Saraswathy & Eeswaran (Trans)

Description: Original compiled in Tamil by Pandit Kadalangudi Natesa Sastri; Asia’s leading woman-astrologier-counsellor , Dr./Mrs. Saraswathy(Doctorate in counselling, Diplomas in Naturopathy, Yoga & Computer Science) and prof. Eeswaran (Doctorate in Linguistic Science) have done the translations into English. In addition to the planets’ positions at the time of birth of a person the transits of planets have to be taken into account to predict fortunes and misfortunes. This book juxtaposes the predictions of sages Varahamihira and Yavaneswara, Garga and Bhattotpala.

Publisher: Kadalangudi Publ’s, Madras

Edition: 3rd ed., Date: 1993, 86 pp., PB

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