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Introduction to Samskrtam(Book Only) Part I


Title: Introduction to Samskrtam(Book Only) Part I

Author: N. Ramasamy & C.J. Simpson

Description: This is an introductory text book of Samskritam or Sanskrit intended for a student who wants to study Vedanta. A highly structured approach has been used to understand how to form a word and how to use it. This textbook can be used independently or with the 9 class MP3 audio program by the same author. This comprehensive 158 page textbook includes a glossary of grammatical terms with English to Sanskrit and Sanskrit to English sections, a dictionary of the vocabulary used in the book, and an answer key. Knowledge of Sanskrit is the key to the ancient religious and secular literature of India, as well as to the Indian system of medicine, mathematics, architecture, sculpture, music, and art. For a student of Vedanta, the study of this classical language is a way to sharpen the mind and prepare it to delve into the scriptures. The Sanskrit Self Study Course is designed to enable a student to proceed at his/her own pace without the presence of a teacher. In preparation for the study of Panini, it includes a

Publisher: Nataraj Books, VA

Edition: 2nd ed., Date: 2006, 158 pp., PB

Item Code: 9.78188E+12