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Jaimini Sutram (Complete)


Title: Jaimini Sutram (Complete)

Author: Sastri, P. S. (Translator)

Description: This is a translation to English of the immortal classic ‘Upadesa Sutras’ by Maharshi Jaimini. The Sanskrit text is given with the translation and notes by Dr. P.S. Sastri. In his notes, Dr. Sastri explains differences between Jaimini’s system and the system of Parasara. Topics include longevity, diseases, profession, progeny, partner, nature and cause of death. There is also an account of the prenatal epoch. The examples show the method of applying Jaimini’s principles.

Publisher: Ranjan Publications, New Delhi

Edition: 1st ed., Date: 2016, 388 pp., PB

Item Code: 9.78819E+12

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