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Karpasa In Prehistoric India(A Chronological and Cultural Clue)


Title: Karpasa In Prehistoric India(A Chronological and Cultural Clue)

Author: Sethna, K.D.

Description: This book approaches a general revision of ancient Indian History. Utilizing the aid of archaeological discovery, documentary material and linguistic study, it seeks to bring about a radical chenge in 1) comparative chronology 2) the sequence of cultures and 3) the cultural character of several phases of India’s career in antiquity. By a close investigation of the term ‘karpasa’ for cotton in Sanskrit literature and by an alignment of its first occurrence with the first ascertained cultivator of the cotton plant in India , the body of Sutra writing is shown to be in its early stages contemporary with the Harappa culture, the Indus Valley civilization of c. 2500-1500 B.C. Thus new dates for some important sutras are considered. At the end, the karpasa itself is disclosed as functioning under a transparent veil in several lists of Sumero-Akkadian words which are connected with the trade between the Harappa culture and Sumer. The book opens up novel vistas for the Indologist without sacrificing any of the

Publisher: Sri AurobindoAshram,Pondichery

Edition: 1st ed., Date: 1981, 203 pp., Cloth

Item Code: BK00949