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Purna Vidya (A Vision of HinduDharma)


Title: Purna Vidya (A Vision of HinduDharma)

Author: Swi Pramananda,Dhira Chaitanya

Description: An exhaustive work on the entire Hindu culture. It helps to clear up many of the popular misconceptions regarding the spiritual aspect of the Hindus by providing an insight into their way of life. Some of the salient topics covered include: Values, ‘Isvara’ (Lord), Religious culture, Spiritual growth, Human development, and Vedic knowledge. Systematically unfolding the Hindu view and way of life as revealed by the Vedas, it makes the study of this text meaningful and personally fulfilling for the readers.

Publisher: Purna Vidya Trust, Chennai

Edition: 1st ed., Date: 2006, 374 pp., HB

Item Code: 9.78098E+12