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Ramayana by kamala


Title: Ramayana by kamala

Author: Subramaniam, Kamala

Description: The author, while retaining all the essential parts of the Ramayana and its inspirational flow of epic narrative, manages to complete the narration in a manner which will appeal to young people. Pain seems to be the predominant emotion in the Ramayana. This very pain, however, is ennobling, purifying and satisfying. Ramayana is filled to the brim with noble thoughts, noble sentiments, and noble characters; not one of whom is spared the experience of pain. Each character in Ramayana is so clearly and sharply portrayed that we can almost see them. The Ramayana is a sad story. At the same time, like a Greek tragedy, it is the very summit of poetic art.

Publisher: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan

Edition: 8th ed., Date: 2012, 695 pp., HB

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