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Science and Philosophy


Title: Science and Philosophy

Author: Roy, M. N.

Description: M. N. Roy considered science and scientific attitude an integral part of human culture. ‘Science and Philosophy’ is a brief exposition of an unpublished more elaborate work. Highly original and radical, yet at the same time lucid, this book was first published in October 1947. Even after decades and interim progress of science and technology, the book has not lost its importance in conveying its message: Science not only enables man to conquer nature, but also helps him to understand nature, his relation with it and other human beings, which alone enables man to behave rationally as well as morally, provides the standard for judging right and wrong. To make the philosophical implication of modern scientific knowledge clear, therefore, is of immense cultural importance.

Publisher: Ajanta Publications, Delhi

Edition: 2nd ed., Date: 1984, 206 pp., HB

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