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Spirituality and Science inIndia


Title: Spirituality and Science inIndia

Author: Swami Tattvavidananda

Description: The culture of India has always nurtured and encouraged the spirit of enquiry in religion and philosophy. Hinduism has readily embraced and celebrated healthy debates in these fields. And both the proponents and opponents of any idea have enjoyed the right to champion and pursue their convictions thus many different beliefs and diverse traditions have been able to blossom and co-exist in this culture, like nowhere else in the world. Whereas in the West, religious beliefs and practices have historically been dictated by centralized authorities, such as the Vatican, which constrained, even penalized thinking that countered church orthodoxy. Thus philosophical and scientific thought were stifled. However as religious power waned, people more and more enjoyed freedom to think and exercise individual choices, resulting in the open & unconstrained societies of today in the West. Swamiji discusses how when religion and philosophy are aligned, science is not perceived as a threat and continues to draw interesti

Publisher: Brahma Vidya Kuteer, A. P.

Edition: 1st ed., Date: 2009 19 pp., PB

Item Code: BK04834