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Surrender and Inner Freedom


Title: Surrender and Inner Freedom

Author: Swami Viditatmananda

Description: In this small book, Swamiji explains how surrender brings about inner freedom. It calls for an understanding of the realities of life and a graceful acceptance of those realities. Thus it discusses the nature of Isvara, his role in our life as the karma-phala-datta (dispenser of the results of actions), and graceful acceptance of the situations and events, so as to maintain an objective frame of mind. It also discusses dharma, the basic order governing the universe and aligning our life with this order. Both dharma and graceful accepotance thus become means of discovering and owning up one’s inner freedom leading to moksha (one’s full and complete freedom) through knowledge. Readers will surely find this book helpful in understanding life and making it meaningful. And of course there is naturally an enjoyment in the discovery of the freedom which is not different from our very own nature.

Publisher: Adyatma Vidya Mandir

Edition: 1st ed., Date: 2009, 58 pp., PB

Item Code: BK04773