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Susruta Samhita (A Scientific Synopsis)


Title: Susruta Samhita (A Scientific Synopsis)

Author: Ray, P., Gupta, H.N. & Roy M.

Description: Susruta Samhita, the Ayurvedic classic of the Dhanvantari school, though basically a study of surgical treatment, includes the origin of life, an analysis of constituent elements of vegetable and animal substances taken as food as well as drugs, and theories and practices relating to the origin of human diseases and their treatment. The present monograph is an evaluation of the Susruta Samhita in two parts: text and tables. Theories and practices mentioned in the original text have been analyzed in the first part while the second part has tables containing detailed and relevant information.

Publisher: Indian Nat’l Sci.Academy,Delhi

Edition: 2nd ed., Date: 1993, 459 pp., PB

Item Code: BK01894

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