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Taittiriyopanisad Bhasya-3MP3s(152 talks-Coimbatore course)


Title: Taittiriyopanisad Bhasya-3MP3s(152 talks-Coimbatore course)

Author: Swami Dayananda

Description: Belonging to the Krishna Yajur Veda, Taittiriya , it is thought to be the first Upanishad Shankara wrote a Bhasya on. It is composed of three chapters: Siksa-valli, Brahmananda-valli and Bhrgu-valli. These are subdivided into Anuvakas (lessons) made up of a few crisp sentences, with measure and rhythm, meant to be learned and chanted as a unit. There are thirty-one lessons, distributed twelve, nine, and ten respectively in the three chapters. The first chapter deals with various upasanas or meditations, chanting and mental preparation and purity by neutralizing likes and dislikes. The second chapter analyzes Brahman, the reality in terms of the implied meanings of its definition, i.e. satyam, jnanam, anantam (existence, consciousness, limitlessness). It helps one to understand that although the world may have a useful reality, it is only an as-though reality when we are looking into the truth of all three periods of time. This chapter also deftly uses the analysis of the five sheaths or coverings (panc

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